What We Do

Our investment strategy is focused on delivering the most appropriate housing product type for a given market, utilizing our expertise in developing market rate, workforce housing and LIHTC communities.

Market Rate

Our investment strategy is to develop communities in areas where growth is driven by demand for jobs which are resistant to cyclical economic conditions. Our expertise in finding the best-in-class construction and property management partners for each community affords us a competitive advantage in the dynamic landscape of multifamily housing. With over $500 million in multifamily development experience, our investors benefit from financing strategies designed to maximize value creation while mitigating downside risk.

We focus on strategic opportunities which:


Navigating the complexities of tax credit financing in today’s environment comes with a unique set of challenges. Our team has experience and expertise in both new construction and rehabilitation projects utilizing Section 42 and state tax credits. The national affordable housing shortage continues to grow, and we are committed to providing creative solutions to bring more affordable housing units online. Having worked with multiple syndicators, investors and lenders we are in tune with market conditions to find solutions to the affordable housing shortage. We have educated several municipalities on creative financing structures to promote affordable housing, including the utilization of TIF, tax abatement, grant funding and a multitude of other soft funding sources. We work with developers, municipalities, non-profits and many other stakeholders to deliver the highest quality affordable housing possible for a given location.


Workforce Housing

Most firms are focused on two ends of the spectrum – market rate or tax credit financed projects. However, the current climate has left the middle income resident with few options for housing. We are committed to developing communities which target the Workforce population – the largest band of renters in the US – those making between 80-120% of the area median income (AMI). Given these tenants do not qualify for LIHTC and are often priced out of traditional market rate projects, Workforce residents are often forced to sacrifice quality and live in areas which are either inconvenient, or simply poor quality. We work with several financing partners and municipalities in creating structures which allow us to solve this problem. Our targeted approach to Workforce Housing provides a unique solution to the largest component of our population, while offering investors an opportunity with unmatched underlying fundamentals.